This course is aimed at anyone who uses or is responsible for those who use compressed gas cutting equipment at work.


·         Course introduction

·         Properties of compressed gases:Oxygen, Acetylene, Propane

·         Handling and Storage of Gas Cylinders: Identification, segregation (empty / full), non- exposure to heat, movement of cylinders

·         Hazards and misuse of oxy-fuel gas equipment: regulators, hoses, blowpipe

·         Responsibilities of users

·         Safety features and correct use of regulators, hoses, blowpipe

·         Ancillary safety equipment, hose check valve

·         Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), eye protection, body protection, hand protection, foot protection

·         Safety Rules on ignition and on shutting down

·         Multi choice questions paper

·         Preparing equipment for use

·         Preparing materials for cutting

·         Cutting practice, straight lines, curves, bevels

·         Set up for gouging and gouging practice, (optional)

·         Inspection of completed work

·         Course review


1 Day to 4 Weeks

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