Do you want to become a welder??

If you would like a career in the welding industry but lack the skills or knowledge, we can teach you the essential skills and real tricks of the trade to help you gain employment!!

Do you want a wage rise??

Maybe you're already working as a welder,  but you are only currently trained in one process. We can tailor a course to suit the work you do and get you that all important wage rise!!


What makes you different from other training providers ???????


The difference between us and other training providers is we are a running welding and fabrication business, we are not just tutors that have no real knowledge of the industry and what it takes to gain employment. We are welders ourselves still working in the industry!!

There are two basic levels of welder certification, often referred to as Class 1 and Class 2.

Class 1 is the international coding standard for pressure vessels and pipe work e.g. ASME IX and BSEN ISO 15614-1 2004/BSEN ISO 9606. The completed weld samples are usually subject to x-ray/ultrasonic examination and destructive testing if required by the welding code/standard.

Welding procedure and welder qualification tests are available to BSEN ISO 15614-1 2004/BSEN ISO 9606 and ASME IX. These are witnessed by an independent inspecting authority (Zurich) arranged by Thomson Welding & Fabrication.

Class 2 welding or BS 4872 standard applies to a wide range of general fabrication work when an approved welding procedure test is not required. Welding tests are carried out in accordance with written instructions and the weld samples are subject to visual and destructive testing.

Welder qualification to BS 4872 standard are witnessed and certified by our CSWIP approved welding inspector.

We can assess candidates prior to training for their level of skill and aptitude, providing a full written report on their training requirements thus giving an estimate of the timescale required in achieving a particular desired test standard or a sensible duration. For general purpose welding (without a competency or coding test) we can usually agree appropriate course duration from a description of the welding work required and the delegates background/experience.

1 Day to 4 weeks courses are available for new or part qualified welders, all of which are tailor made to meet personal requirements.

Our welder training courses are available at all levels from basic safety for beginners through to international coded welder standards, typical courses durations are from a few days to a few weeks.

The course content and duration time are flexible to suit your specific needs and can comprise any combination of welding process (MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG, FCAW, OA) and joint configuration as required. Candidates progress at the rate applicable to their individual abilities and aptitude and course numbers are always low to ensure a high degree of personal attention.

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