Health & Safety Standards

Thomson Welding and Fabrication take a highly proactive approach to SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment & Quality). We take the stance that every accident is preventable and our staff are trained to be vigilant regarding unsafe acts and situations. We strongly encourage staff to report such situations, and we always act on such communications.

At management level, we issue risk assessments and safety statements for all projects. We also have regular toolbox meetings to reinforce our safety commitment at the operational level. We carry out internal audits, to ensure that in practice, we act fully in accordance with regulations and also with our own safe working policy.

We foster a strong ethos of continuous improvement, encouraging personnel at all levels to work together to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for everyone involved with, or affected by, our enterprise.

Thomson Welding and Fabrication is heavily invested in the construction industry. We are familiar with the CDM regulations and work closely with our principals to ensure that a safe working environment, and compliance with the regulations.

Our experienced Project Engineers and skilled Fabrication Team work closely together to ensure that a high level of quality is assured throughout the manufacturing process. Due to the safety critical nature of fabrications we produce for the access engineering industry, we have always been involved in ensuring product safety, and the high level of quality assurance that this demands.

We pride ourselves on a high level of good workmanship throughout the manufacturing process, whether this be the finished tolerances of the fabrication, or the finished weld quality and appearance itself.

If a fabrication requires Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) as part of the quality assurance requirements, we can arrange for this service to be carried out ‘in-house’, by an independent third party NDT specialist. Physical load testing can also be written into the quality assurance procedures, if necessary; which can be endorsed by provision of load test certification, relevant to the manufacturing Design Standards.

All our welders, fabricators & erectors are qualified and certified

CSCS Skilled Cards


Confined Space Welding
Safety Passport
Forklift trained

External Bodies
Royal Sun Alliance
Lloyds register 3rd party approval company’


The company guarantees all work undertaken to comply with all relevant requirements of the customer’s specification; certification and documentation will be provided on completion or on request.

Health & Safety
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