Engineering & Construction

We offer a complete design and engineering service, we work closely with architects, main contractors, engineers along with our clients, to ensure the completed project meets their requirements exactly and runs smoothly from start to finish.

From our workshop in Leeds, West Yorkshire, our experienced staff  will fully assess your requirements and advise on the best way to achieve your objectives.

We provide full detail drawings and also work closely with structural engineers to ensure all designs include the appropriate calculations were needed

Working with the latest design technology, including AutoCad and Graitec Advanced Steel, our team can provide a complete design package, from initial brief to full working drawings, 3D models and measurements to ensure your project fulfills your requirements and meets any necessary legislation.

Small to large scale project management expertise across a wide range of industries.

  • 3D CAD Product Design capabilities.

  • Calculation and verification of various fabrications and structures

  • Produce engineering drawings for client approval, acceptance and final manufacture.

Throughout our history, the management of projects and the design of fabrications and structures, has been at the core of our services. We use the latest 3D CAD software technology to bring our designs to life, before the product is even manufactured. Properties such as mass, and features such as holes, cut-outs and welding detail can be embedded within the cad model, and brought through into a client proposal drawing for approval and acceptance.

Our designs can be verified by calculation to the appropriate Design Standards, in order to assess the design arrangement and make improvements and changes where necessary.

To complete the design process, a final set of drawings can then be produced for manufacture, assembly and if required, testing and acceptance.


Thomson Welding and Fabrication offer the complete design service, from simple sketches using pencil and paper to detailed designs using our own bespoke AutoCAD software and google sketch up 2017, we will work with you to bring your ideas to life. 

Many customers struggle to picture what there wrought iron gates or electric gates will look like on there drive, well with Thomson Welding and Fabrication you don't have too. That's where our own bespoke software can help!! we can take a picture of the opening where your new gates are going to be and then place your newly created AutoCAD drawing in the opening. This will give you a exact picture of what's going to be fitted on your property.

Our ironwork is very different, both in quality and design. As well as providing a wide range of period patterns to choose from, a bespoke item can be created that is unique to you. We can also tackle very complex jobs as well as recreate the most detailed of period designs. 


Step one: the brief 

You may have a clear idea of what you want but if not we can help with ideas, using archive reference books and also our extensive portfolio of designs, photographs and samples of ironwork.


Step two: design

We usually arrange a site visit to take precise measurements and to understand your requirements better. We’ll then send accurate freehand sketches or computer-aided design drawings to you for approval.

Here are some of the things we can design for domestic customers:

Spiral staircases

Helical Staircases

Straight Stairs

Wrough iron gates

Electric gates

Stainless steel and glass balustrade

Wrought iron balustrade